About us

We are European patent attorneys authorized to represent clients before the European patent office in all types of cases. We are also European design attorneys and authorized Swedish patent attorneys.Together, we have more than 80 years’ experience of patents.

Why us?

We're on your side. Only

We will not leave you alone with analysis and decision making. Being on your side also means being proactive in prosecution, providing suggestions on how to maximize your scope of your protection. We fight for every inch.

We are also a small player on a large market. If we work for you, you can also rest assured that we will not work for your competitors. We will stick with you for as long as you stay with us.

A passion for the craft

Drafting and prosecution of patent applications is a delicate and difficult craft, but it is fundamental for the quality of the resulting patent. Solid drafting and prosecution will make the difference between clear and undisputable protection for your innovation, and costly litigation where every potential weakness of your patent will be scrutinized. We share a passion for the craft.

We're not afraid to guide you

Sometimes it’s difficult to give clear advice where future hindsight may prove you to have been wrong. We always give you our best advice, also when situations are uncertain. We always give you our best advice, also when it means less business for us.

Do you have any questions?

Contact us and we will tell you everything you want to know.